Toddler Beds for Your Cute Little Tykes

Who wouldn’t want a comfortable and a longer sleep time for their babies? It’s what the doctor has told us all these years — give our babies enough sleep every single day. So let’s give our babies the comfort that they deserve.

One of the things that you have to decide while your baby is growing up is when to change their beds. Is that crib in the room a bit smaller now for your toddler baby? Smaller beds would mean smaller space for them to move around. And the smaller the space, the less comfortable it is to sleep at. So decide now whether to get your baby a toddler bed or a regular single bed?

First, check if you have a room with space enough to fit a regular bed or just a toddler bed. Other than the bed, babies’ rooms are the most jam-packed with all the clutter and toys. Plus, toddler babies usually play in their rooms so you would want to have enough space for them to also move around. Toddler beds are smaller so it wouldn’t consume that much space in the room. It is the best choice for a smooth transition. It will give your toddler enough the size of the bed and enough space in the room. While a regular bed gives more space to sleep in, its size can occupy much of the space in the room leaving your toddler with little space for a play area.

Second, you can use the old crib mattress for a toddler bed. This will lessen the cost of your getting a new bed. You also wouldn’t have to buy new beddings for the new bed since old beddings on your crib mattress can also be used for this. However if the time comes that you need to buy new beddings, some stores have sizes only designed for particular beds. So instead of saving on beddings, it will even be more costly for you.

Third, think of your toddler’s safety. Toddler beds are usually lower to the floor compared to the regular beds so it is a lot easier to get in and out of the bed. Railings also add security on the bed since this could prevent your toddler from falling off. Whereas if you will get a regular bed, you would still have to add railings on it so it would cost you additional bucks.

The disadvantage of getting a toddler bed is it can only be used for some time. These beds can only be used for babies about one and a half to three and a half years of age. After that, it would be useless. This can be just an additional cost.

So if getting a new bed for your toddler is as easy as you think, put it this way: weigh the pros and cons. Remember a baby would be the one sleeping on it so it would require a little more caution. Think also of your budget. If for the mean time you can only spend this much for a bed, then better to get a less costly one.

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