Tips To Help You Select The Best Water Softener For Your Home

If you have noticed that the tap water in your house has a mineral taste to it, chances are you need to install a water softener.  But how do you know which water softener to buy?  In this short article we are going to give you tips on how to choose the proper water softener for your home.  While reading some of the water softener reviews online can help you get a better understanding of how each unit operates, they generally will not help you to figure out what size of water softener you need.  When it comes to water softeners, you want to make sure you have a large enough unit, that it is able to keep up with your household water usage, but not too large that you spend a fortune running the unit.

In most cases you will want to install a water softener near your water heater, as it's nearby your main water lines and there should be ample space to install it.  So, the first thing you want to do is check out the area you will be installing the unit and see how close it is to an electrical outlet.  If your nearest electrical outlet is halfway across the room, chances are you are going to have to hire an electrician to install a new outlet, so that you can plug your new unit in.  The second thing you want to do, is check your water bill to get a rough estimate of your monthly water usage.  Knowing your average monthly water usage, will give you a good idea of how many gallons of water your unit will need to treat in any given month.  Finally you will want to get your water tested, so that you know exactly the hardness of your water, and can select the best water softener for your home.  Many municipal governments or water reclamation districts often will provide water testing for under $20, so call your local city hall to see if they offer such a service.  Otherwise, you should be able to pick up a water testing kit at most local hardware stores.  After you have all your figures, then you can check to see which water softener and corresponding size is proper for your home.